About Our Orchestra

Annemeike Pronker-Coron, Music Director & Conductor

​​​​​​Annasemble is a community orchestra, which has been in existence for 20 years, but became a non-profit in 2017.  It provides a valuable service to the community that other local orchestras do not provide.  It is unique in that it accepts members, regardless of ability or experience, without requiring an audition. Our philosophy is that music is for everyone.  Our Director writes music as needed so that everyone can participate at their level, from beginners to retired professionals. She blends individual abilities into something enjoyable for the community.  

One of the goals is to bring a variety of music and different styles to the general public through the orchestra.  Admission to concerts and performances are free.  Events are held in different venues throughout the community to reach as many music-lovers as possible.

Annasemble is an intergenerational, mostly strings, community orchestra under the musical direction of 
Annemieke Pronker-Coron.  The orchestra includes members of high school, college and adult age musicians.  Annasemble takes pride in embracing musicians regradless of experience.  No auditions are required to join.  No minimum skill level or ability is required to participate.  Our philosophy is to share the joy of music with everyone - whether to play or as part of the audience.  There is no charge to the audience for admission to our performances; to keep it available for everyone.


Annemieke Pronker-Coron studied violin at the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatory in her native country, the Netherlands, where her teachers included Jan Henrichs and was taught the Baroque violin style by Jaap Schroder.  She also studied music therapy in London, Great Britain.  
In 1990, she came to the US to do research in Bluegrass fiddling.  She studied with fiddler George Custer as well as other fiddlers, such as Byron Berline and Laurie Lewis.
A Former member of the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra, she has taught violin and fiddle as well as ensemble lessons, in Gainesville, Florida since 1991.  She taught a string program at the Einstein School for students with learning disabilities.
She is an active promoter of music in the community, having helped inagurate the Sawgrass Fiddle Contest and the Annasemble.
Annasemble is an intergenerational - mostly strings - community orchestra under the musical direction of Annemieke.  
Annemieke's book The Bridge; Connecting Violin and Fiddle Worlds (2015) is published by Culicidae Press (www.culicidaepress.com).


Annasemble is a community orchestra open to all interested musicians; from beginner to master; from High School students to adults of all ages. We strive to accommodate special needs of individuals.  Annasemble is unique in that it allows the musicians to change chair positions within sections to encourage growth.  The director writes music to different skill levels to accomodate individual abilities yet be challenging  to musicians.    


It is available to interested musicians of all levels without having to audition to join.  Our philosophy is to share the joy of music with everyone.  Making music is not just a matter of playing your instrument at home by yourself.  Annasemble provides the opportunity to share music together; meet other students and musicians; and share with the community.  


Annasemble provides a service by filling a gap in the community for those who otherwise would not play in a orchestra. 

No auditions, no minimum skill level requirements, ALL WELCOME!

Instruments include: violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, concertina, accordion, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and occasional trumpet and drums/percussion instruments.
  1. From Susan:
    I know I've said it before, but Mom's participation in Annasemble is one of the most important things in her life. Having just turned 90, she may struggle with her memory and feel unhappy about her loss of independence, but she just glows when she talks about Annasemble. She feels so welcome and connected to the group, never misses a practice and loves the performances. We are so grateful that Mom is a part of your music community. We hope you know how very much you, your fellow musicians and Annemieke are appreciated.
  2. A Supporter:
    This was a really enjoyable experience. It was nice to see the adults and students performing together
  3. From Robyn:
    Being a part of Annasemble and playing music with a group of other musicians, in a non-judgmental yet challenging environment has filled a hole in my life that I didn't previously know existed.
  4. From Alison
    I joined Annasemble to share music with my daughter and then my husband. I enjoyed Annasemble as a family activity, but stayed because I loved being part of a group making music. I didn't really play the upright bass when I first started, but every year, our director pushes me a bit farther along the ability spectrum. I enjoy the challenges, variety of music and the friendships I've made!