1. Q
    What is the membership age range?
    Annasemble is open to musicians from high school students to adults of all ages.
  2. Q
    Do I have to have experience to join?
    Annasemble has members of all skill levels from beginner through master levels. No experience is necessary to join. ALL ARE WELCOMED!
  3. Q
    When can I enroll as a member?
    Anytime! You can contact us anytime for information about the next rehearsal that you may attend.
  4. Q
    What instruments are accepted?
    Instruments include and have previously included: Violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, clarinet, flute, piccolo, concertina, trumpet, accordion, banjo, mandolin, and occasionally drums/percussion type instruments.
  5. Q
    Can anyone visit a rehearsal?
    Absolutely! Come see what Annasemble is all about. We enjoy making music and sharing the joy of music with everyone.
  6. Q
    What about costs?
    Try us out for a rehearsal or two. Fees are payable each semester. Scholarships are available. For specific fees, visit the Membership page.
  7. Q
    Do you have to audition to become a member?
    No auditions are required. Annasemble provides a service by filling a gap in the community for those who otherwise would not play in an orchestra. The director will help determine your placement level to start out in the orchestra.
  8. Q
    Does Annasemble perform publicly?
    Annasemble performs locally each semester. Annasemble provides our community with music enrichment, education and performances throughout the year.